Our Projects

Our offsets come from Earth Givers’ weatherization and forest restoration projects. We’ve made energy-efficiency upgrades at the Village and Forest Green rental community, as well as planting trees through the Revolving Tree Fund. And more weatherization projects are coming up!

Village and Forest Green

The Village and Forest Green Apartments are located in East Gainesville. Its residents are primarily low-income, so when it comes to saving money, every little bit counts. That’s where Earth Givers comes in. Our trained volunteers retrofit each rental unit with the latest water and energy-efficiency products—conserving local resources, reducing Gainesville’s contribution to climate change, and lowering residents’ utility bills by up to 20%. In addition, the volunteer team provides on-site energy-efficiency education so that residents are also equipped to make behavioral changes for more sustainable living.

Since our inception in 2008, we have put in motion 20,000 certified tons of carbon reductions and $3.5 million in savings for the residents!

The next phase of our weatherization initiative at Village and Forest Green is installing insulation. Doing so will reduce electricity use by at least 20%, saving 2,400 kilowatt hours per unit per year and reducing carbon emissions by two tons per unit per year.

Revolving Tree Fund

We need trees more than ever. The only way to remove carbon dioxide already in the atmosphere is through trees, so Earth Givers launched the Revolving Tree Fund to get more of our hard-working friends planted here in Alachua County. Through the Fund, Earth Givers buys trees in perpetuity to restore the local ecosystem and to reduce the carbon implicated in global climate change. We select, plant, and care for indigenous trees in partnership with Alachua County Forever, a governmental entity dedicated to environmentally-significant land acquisition, conservation, and preservation.

Because of their carbon sequestration capabilities, the trees generate offsets (one tree = one ton of carbon reduction) that Earth Givers then sells so that more trees can be purchased.

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