Welcome to the Neutral Gator Nation!

By offsetting your travel and accommodations today you've earned your place as a leader in the green nation! More and more people are beginning to understand the importance of reducing their contribution to climate change, so you've joined a growing, vibrant movement.

Unlike larger offset companies, our focus is the planet—not profit. Selling offsets allows us to make energy efficiency upgrades free of charge for low-income local families. In fact, every $1 you give unleashes $30 in utility savings. (Our energy efficiency projects have already put in motion $3.5 million in utility savings and 20,000 tons of carbon emission reductions!) Your contribution today also will support our Revolving Tree Fund, allowing us to buy and plant trees to restore the local ecosystem and remove carbon from the global atmosphere. Our motto is "locally generated, locally applied," but we also believe in think globally, act locally.

Purchasing offsets may seem like a small act, but it makes a big statement. It also makes a big difference environmentally and economically. (See why we called you a leader?) Because belonging to the Neutral Gator Nation is about acting like there are no borders....

And here's a special message just for you:

"Thanks a lot! You're making me so proud." –Mother Earth

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