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There are so many ways you can help Neutral Gator! And the great thing is, when you help us, you help yourself, your community, and your planet!

Offset your travel and accommodations with our carbon calculator.

Offset your event, personal, or organizational footprint through us!

E-mail Jacob at for more details.


When you give to Neutral Gator, you get quite a bang for your buck! Each dollar that goes toward our weatherization program unleashes $30 in utility savings and priceless carbon reductions. Every time we weatherize a home, a local low-income household saves $2,400. Every time we buy and plant a tree, more of Alachua County’s natural beauty is preserved for all to enjoy. Donate today.


We are especially seeking volunteers to help us with:


E-mail Jacob at about these opportunities or to be notified when volunteers are needed to help weatherize homes and plant trees.

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